Sunday, 30 June 2013

Here we go, 5 sleeps to go! Ive mocked my table up and of-course I need to make more, eeek, I always have a last minute panic to make a few last minute bits. 
I have mini-bunting, cards, hoop art, lavender bags, decorative hearts and birds, cushions and Im going to be adding a few more bits to that list, phew!
Once Saturday is finished I will be opening my Etsy shop, I know, promises promises. But I really am going to get on top of it this time.
I don't know how people fit it all in, I read other blogs with my mouth agog at all the wonder women. Juggling children, careers, businesses and not to mention the long lists of weekend activities! 
I am just about holding it all together, lol! 
Well I had better crack on, hair clips to sew and all that jazz.
If you are a local reader and are free to pop in on Saturday, Please do come and say Hi, it would be lovely to meet you. 
See you all on the other side,
Georgie X

Monday, 17 June 2013

Wowzers, where does time go?! I can't believe how long its been since I last blogged, there is no excuse really, just life!
I have another craft fair coming up and its a biggie! Its at a local school to me and its a bit of an extravaganza, there is a classic car show, lindy hoppers, donkey rides and a tonne of activities.
Not forgetting of-course a marquee holding 50 stalls selling lots of goodies, (one of them being me), so I have my head down and I am crafting away doing my best to be uber-prepared!
I will find an advert for it and post it nearer the time, hopefully some of you local peeps may be able to pop in and have a look around.
I am planning to open my Etsy shop as soon as the craft fair is finished, there will of-course be fanfare and much singing and dancing about the long awaited opening to make sure no one misses it!!!
In the meantime, its going to be head down from Im afraid, see you all on the other side.

I rather like the sentiment of this visual (which by the way is not mine, but can be found here) so I pinned it to my Wise Words board on Pinterest. Just thought Id share!