Monday, 29 October 2012

Today we are starting our Halloween preparation. We are making ghosts to hang in our porch and carving pumpkins, I am beyond excited! I am probably more excited than the children.

Here is a before photo of the poor unsuspecting pumpkins ....

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Now I know that there are people who do rather like the change in seasons (my husband is one) but I am a Spring and Summer kinda girl.
Actually that's not entirely true.
I am a Summer kinda girl.
And I would be rather happy to live out my days in flip flops and never seeing another Autumn or Winter again.
It makes me want to hibernate, get the heating on, layer up, get the blankets out, drink hot tea and eat fruit cake.
There is one issue with this set up. My children. They tend to get a bit stir crazy.
So a trip to the park to enjoy the fresh air and kick the leaves about is in order ...

There is one silver lining to this time of year, my uber-comfy wellies.

There is one mode of transport that is never slowed by adverse weather conditions, the scooter!

And there are still splashes of colour out there.

Our trip out was brought to an abrupt end after an unfortunate incident involving the small girl and a rather deep muddy puddle.
But up until that point I have to admit it was rather pleasant out, perhaps I need to learn to embrace Autumn and all that it brings.

Monday, 22 October 2012

OK, so I did say I would post some pics of the letters I have painted, so here you go ...

These are the letters pre-paint, nothing wrong with green, but not really working with our current colour scheme!

And here they are freshly painted and in situ ...

Wowzers, summer is well and truly over! We are snuggling in the warm today, the small girl is fully engrossed in producing a piece of art work and I am drinking hot tea and painting some letters for my kitchen. Photos to follow ...
Oh and if no one could mention the lack of header (still) I'd be most grateful!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

It would appear that putting together a blog is more involved than I had realised!
I have finally worked out to how to put my own personal header on, now I just need to design one ....
My total lack of technical knowledge (which I have always declared, I didn't need) is now a bit of hindrance.
A friend has suggested I do a short course.
She may be right.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

So, here we are .... blogging!!!
I am trying not to feel the pressure of having to write something witty, clever or intelligent.
Instead, I am just going to pop my blog cherry and move on ...