Saturday, 21 December 2013

I have been on a wreath making mission. I Love wreath making, it is without a doubt one of my favourite things. Saying this, I have totally overdosed this last couple of weeks and am now looking forward to some time with my sewing machine! 
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I have some ideas for new sewing projects in the new year, but for now, here are some wreath pics.
(apologies for photo quality, this is something I really need to learn about!)

Monday, 9 December 2013

Some time out …


I can not recommend Disneyland highly enough! We went with my parents and I don't think any of us wanted to come home. The whole weekend was just magical, if we go again I think we would go for a Monday to Friday stay so we could fit more in. There is just so much to do.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

I always under estimate the craziness of Christmas! Wreath orders, Christmas card orders, present orders. It all amounts to one thing, Ive not done a single iota towards organising my own Christmas 'stuff'. This is my usual state of prep at this time of year, for the last two (possibly more, definitely more) I have the done the entire Christmas shop on Christmas eve, gasp! lol!
It all turns out fine in the end, and I hang onto that mantra as the days tick by!
My latest and newest makes are door stops, they are going down a storm, so I thought I would put a couple of photos up to show you.
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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An enforced break and a sudden return!

OK so its quite apparent I haven't been blogging. There are numerous reasons for this, here are a couple  of them ...
I took an (enforced) break from lots of things over the summer holidays, blogging being one of them. Looking after three children over the holidays is a full time thing and you just have to let other stuff slide! Its the only way to keep your sanity.
When the holidays were over, I kinda lost my voice. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to chat about, so rather than just drivel on I decided to wait until I had something I wanted to say. (this took longer than I had envisaged)
But here I am again. I have a little something that I would rather like to chat about, shocker eh?!
I have been quietly squirreling away on numerous projects but here is one that is now 'out there'.
I have made six mixed media pictures that have been accepted into a lovely workshop & gallery locally to me, whoop whoop.
The shop is called Faux workshop & gallery and it is run by a crazy talented artist named Emma Bell. She shows her own work in the shop as well as other artists, her current show is based on the RIBBA Ikea frame. Here are some pics ...

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Here we go, 5 sleeps to go! Ive mocked my table up and of-course I need to make more, eeek, I always have a last minute panic to make a few last minute bits. 
I have mini-bunting, cards, hoop art, lavender bags, decorative hearts and birds, cushions and Im going to be adding a few more bits to that list, phew!
Once Saturday is finished I will be opening my Etsy shop, I know, promises promises. But I really am going to get on top of it this time.
I don't know how people fit it all in, I read other blogs with my mouth agog at all the wonder women. Juggling children, careers, businesses and not to mention the long lists of weekend activities! 
I am just about holding it all together, lol! 
Well I had better crack on, hair clips to sew and all that jazz.
If you are a local reader and are free to pop in on Saturday, Please do come and say Hi, it would be lovely to meet you. 
See you all on the other side,
Georgie X

Monday, 17 June 2013

Wowzers, where does time go?! I can't believe how long its been since I last blogged, there is no excuse really, just life!
I have another craft fair coming up and its a biggie! Its at a local school to me and its a bit of an extravaganza, there is a classic car show, lindy hoppers, donkey rides and a tonne of activities.
Not forgetting of-course a marquee holding 50 stalls selling lots of goodies, (one of them being me), so I have my head down and I am crafting away doing my best to be uber-prepared!
I will find an advert for it and post it nearer the time, hopefully some of you local peeps may be able to pop in and have a look around.
I am planning to open my Etsy shop as soon as the craft fair is finished, there will of-course be fanfare and much singing and dancing about the long awaited opening to make sure no one misses it!!!
In the meantime, its going to be head down from Im afraid, see you all on the other side.

I rather like the sentiment of this visual (which by the way is not mine, but can be found here) so I pinned it to my Wise Words board on Pinterest. Just thought Id share!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

We're back! Our stay in a treehouse in France was just magical and just what we all needed. 
Some lovely family time, rain, sun, activities and tired children.
We were only there for 6 nights but it was such great fun that I am already thinking about the next one. The small girl actually cried about coming home, a sure sign of a good time!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

It would appear that I am not really blogging at the moment! Life is just not allowing me the time.
I have a holiday coming up and I am hoping the break will return me to you refreshed and with lots to say.
See you all in two weeks friends xxx

Monday, 22 April 2013

When I first started with the idea of Violet&Green and the working from home plan, I figured it would be an 'easy' way for me to work and still look after my children. How wrong can you be?!
I had this ideal in my head of me beavering away whilst my children busied themselves with some toys or drawing.
Of course how you think things will be, and how they actually are, never quite add up do they?
The reality of me working from home is vastly different to how I thought it would be, its actually chaos.
And as I have accrued more and more 'stuff' it has slowly got harder to juggle everything.
I started off thinking I could cope with a desk in our bedroom and some savvy storage ideas. But the amount of material, frames, cushion covers, cards (you get the idea) I have, has grown considerably.
So I started sounding my husband out about other ideas. Ways to try to make this work for me.
We have toyed with the idea of doing a mini loft conversion, putting a bigger, better ladder in place and boarding out, lighting etc.
But the cost involved was more than I had thought it would be. And the budget, well, it isn't great.
So, now we are onto planB. The idea is to get a summer house from eBay, put it at the bottom of our garden, insulate it, run power to it, and make it into my very own little studio.
I am incredibly lucky to have a 'handy' husband who is very capable at this kind of thing!
I am now watching several summer houses on eBay, and slowly driving my husband insane about it.
Here are just a few pins from my Studio Space? Yes Please! board on Pinterest.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Morning All!
Today is my birthday and my lovely, lovely friend has bought me this beautiful pink striped orchid. Isn't it fabulous?! There was no doubt that I just had to use it in this weeks Nature in the Home series.
I have always wanted an orchid but have never actually owned one, so I am super happy.
I could be all gushy about how lovely it looks against the teal, but I will try to hold back.
I am also excited about next weeks challenge of a forage, there is a local hydrangea bush that I have admired for a long time, I am hoping it may be in flower. I expect I may be a bit early, but fingers firmly crossed!
Thankyou for popping in,
Georgie X

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My entry for this weeks Nature in the Home series is full of apologies.
Apologies for the quality of my photo, apologies for the lack of prettiness, the list is actually endless.
This week I am ashamed to say that I officially have zero pretty flowers in my house. I also have to hold my hand up and admit to a very serious lack of houseplants, this very unattractive money tree is in fact one of only two houseplants.
So although it is an un-pretty entry, it is a very real entry. It sits on this shelf with some random jugs and two squirrels above our fridge freezer.
Next week I will make more of an effort, I promise.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

On my (personal) facebook page I am taking part in a photo a day challenge set by Marsha May Photography. My photographic skills leave a lot to be desired so I am hoping this is not only going to get me using my camera more, but may also help me figure out how to get a half decent picture out of it!
I thought I would share the photos with you at the end of each week, here are my first weeks attempts.
Our very own Easter eggs, courtesy of Holly & Polly

Jus' Chillin'

First sniff of sun and we are out, slime fishing.



Balloon Love

Heads down, bums up

Monday, 1 April 2013

For any of you who also follow my Facebook page, Im sure you can't of helped notice my countdown to my day with Abigail Brown in her studio.
I have liked Abigails work for a long time so when I saw her offer of a day in her London studio making a bird, I jumped at the chance.
There was a small group of us working alongside Abigail creating our own birds.
Abigail was really lovely and very generous with her knowledge and skills, we all made some really lovely birds. Which I have to admit are very labour intensive and take a Lot of stuffing! So I thought I would share with you a couple of my many photos from the day.                                        
Abigails love bird.
One of Abigails spring birds.
Abigail helping us with our birds.
This is my little bird, sitting pride of place on my mantle!