Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An enforced break and a sudden return!

OK so its quite apparent I haven't been blogging. There are numerous reasons for this, here are a couple  of them ...
I took an (enforced) break from lots of things over the summer holidays, blogging being one of them. Looking after three children over the holidays is a full time thing and you just have to let other stuff slide! Its the only way to keep your sanity.
When the holidays were over, I kinda lost my voice. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to chat about, so rather than just drivel on I decided to wait until I had something I wanted to say. (this took longer than I had envisaged)
But here I am again. I have a little something that I would rather like to chat about, shocker eh?!
I have been quietly squirreling away on numerous projects but here is one that is now 'out there'.
I have made six mixed media pictures that have been accepted into a lovely workshop & gallery locally to me, whoop whoop.
The shop is called Faux workshop & gallery and it is run by a crazy talented artist named Emma Bell. She shows her own work in the shop as well as other artists, her current show is based on the RIBBA Ikea frame. Here are some pics ...