Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Facebook Quandry!

I have been running my Facebook page for quite awhile now. And (I think) this is quite a widely reported 'thing' already, but, FB have decided to slowly reduce the 'reach' of business pages. This is certainly something I have personally noticed with my own page.
In case you aren't aware of this little ploy by FB I will give you a quick rundown, if you are already aware, feel free to skip this bit ;)

If you have an FB business page you are free to advertise your services, your stock or anything you fancy via your posts. Over the years this has been a really good way to get your brand known and a good way to generate interest and sales. But things are on the change! Mr FB has decided that the business pages have had a good deal for a bit too long, so has decided to slowly reduce the 'reach' of business pages unless you are prepared to pay to advertise your posts.
Your 'reach' is basically the amount of people who actually see your updates. Mr FB is slowly hiding these posts from more and more people so the only way to get your posts seen, is to pay for it.
I understand the thinking behind this ploy, at the end of the day, Mr FB is a business and therefore they want/need to make money. But, Im wondering whether this idea has come at the worst possible time. According to recent figures, young people are taking a step back from FB and are using other methods to stay in touch. And with businesses having to make a decision about how to progress with their pages on there, could this be the beginning of the end for FB?

And that leaves people like me in a quandary, I need to think about the future of where my work is going, I don't mind admitting that I have relied on FB quite heavily in the past and with the new low reaches my posts are getting and my reluctance to pay for them, what do I do next?!
(At this point I will simply say that I am open to suggestions, comments, words of wisdom!)
I do use Twitter although I have to say that I am not mad in love with it, I have bought a domain name and hope to open my own website in the future, but, as a person who is totally computer stoopid that feels a bit of a mission at the moment.
So there you go, my quandary, what next?!

Apologies for the lengthy post with no pretty pictures, I will make the next one a visual delight :D

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lately …

Well we've (I've) done it, survived the first week back at school after Christmas holidays :D
Not only did I survive the week I also managed to squeeze in a couple of orders, go me!
Last week I made some personalised bunting and a co-ordinating personalised heart.
I just loved making these and am hoping that I get some orders for more, I can personalise either with any wording and in any colour.
Here are a couple of pics …

In other news I have purchased a website name, now I just need someone to make me a website! If anyone has any words of wisdom, recommendations etc, feel free to let me know. (I am officially computer rubbish).