About Me

My name is Georgie, I am a Mum to three children. I have a dog, two chickens, a husband and we all live near the sea in Essex. Our house is busy, a bit crazy and to be honest, its just how I like it.

How did I get here? Well, life started out like most peoples, I was working in London in an office for a Merchant Bank. It was hell on earth. I managed to stick at that life for a few years, but in the end I couldn't stick it out forever.
So, I chucked it all in and went back to college to study Merchandising.
I worked as a Window Dresser, for a long time. And I really loved being creative, but slowly the creativity was sucked out of the job by 'Head Office'.

So after having my family I decided on another career change, (are you spotting a pattern).
So I went back to college (again) and for two years I studied Floristry.
I loved every minute of it.
If I could go back and do those two years all over again, I would.

I love learning, and I love being creative.
These two things have dawned on me later than I would off liked, but I guess we all get there in the end?!

So here we are at the very start of the Violet&Green empire.
Im making flowers and Im sewing again.
I am getting an online shop together and plan to open that sooner rather than later!
So as I don't have enough on my plate I thought I would set this blog up to accompany me on my V&G journey.
I hope that there may be a few people out there who may like to join me and see how things progress as well.
I've never written before in my life (apart from me teenage diary, cringe) so bear with me whilst I find my feet.

I would love to hear from you, so please never hesitate to leave your comments on my posts,
Georgie X


  1. Wow, so nice to read your 'about me' page. Do you do flowers for weddings? I'm engaged and will hopefully get married in the next couple of years x

    1. Ahhh Thankyou Lou, when I started it I had NO idea how hard it is to write about yourself!
      Yes, I do wedding flowers!! Would love it if you bared me in mind :D X