Monday, 24 December 2012

Well here we are, Christmas Eve! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thankyou for all your support this year.
I am turning the laptop off over the Festive period so I can concentrate on my family, drink port, eat too much, assemble toys and have a jolly good time.
I'll see you all again in the new year and in the meantime I hope you all have a jolly good time too!
Georgie X

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Growing up my parents would take us to London every Christmas. We would go one evening and see Father Christmas in Selfridges, look at the windows, and see the lights.
It was beyond exciting, I can remember it so well. The cold, the excitement, the crowds. It was just magical.
And it is a tradition that I really want to carry on with my own children, so last night we did just that!
We picked the children up from school, drove to the train station and off we went.
We headed straight to Regent Street and went to Hamleys, I have to admit that it was rammed and from a parents point of view probably not as enjoyable as it was for the children.
But they loved it! The staff there are fantastic and really do put on a show for the children, there are lots of demonstrations and excitement.
We walked to Carnaby Street and had dinner and then to Selfridges and looked at their Christmas windows, sadly they don't have a Grotto anymore. So this part of the tradition I will have to re-live elsewhere!
We had such a fabulous evening and the children are now well and truly ready for Christmas.
Do you have any traditions from your childhood that you want to carry on with your own children? Or perhaps you have some new traditions?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Year is looming and I am truly terrible at New Year Resolutions, I always make them and never keep them.
I have read other blogs going for a New Year Feeling instead of a New Year Resolution. I like this mostly because I think it is more achievable! You aren't setting yourself up for a fall, and I am all up for that. So instead of writing a bullet point list of things you want to do in the year, you go for an over all  feeling instead.

I have lots of things I would like to achieve this year, but here are just a few.
I want to be braver, make more, craft more, put myself out there more, play more, be healthier.
So the feeling I am going for this year is ...

My husband will roll his eyes at the cheesiness of this. But I think positivity is something I need more of in my life and I am going for it in 2013.
What feeling you would like to achieve next year? Or do you have resolutions that you are going to go for?

Monday, 10 December 2012

This weekend we were doing one of our family traditions, which I think was supposed to be number 24 on the ShareAdvent event, but I have another family tradition that I am going to share on the 24th as well.
Every year we go to our local Christmas Tree Farm to purchase our tree. It is a welly boot affair with lots of running around and looking at inappropriate sized trees.
It is great fun and the kids love it. They usually want to buy the 10foot tree that wouldn't even fit in our front garden, I am then baddy Mummy who has to bring them back down to earth about the size of tree we can actually fit in our front room.
It's such a great afternoon out and the children then spend the rest of the day decorating the tree, or rather, decorating the bottom half of the tree.
This year it was timed with the film Elf being on the television, have you seen it?
If you haven't you HAVE to watch it. It is my all my time favourite Christmas film, and I think is number 17 on the ShareAdvent event. If you do nothing else on the list, watch Elf!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It's snowing! Great big fluffy snowflakes!
The children are literally whooping and went of to school in a very excited state.
The small girl and I are cozying up inside, (after a brief spell in the garden).
It has made me feel like I don't have enough knitwear in my life.
So I thought I would share with you a few of my knitwear likes from my Pinterest page...

Is it snowing where you are? If it is I hope you have enough knitwear in your life and are keeping warm.