Saturday, 22 December 2012

Growing up my parents would take us to London every Christmas. We would go one evening and see Father Christmas in Selfridges, look at the windows, and see the lights.
It was beyond exciting, I can remember it so well. The cold, the excitement, the crowds. It was just magical.
And it is a tradition that I really want to carry on with my own children, so last night we did just that!
We picked the children up from school, drove to the train station and off we went.
We headed straight to Regent Street and went to Hamleys, I have to admit that it was rammed and from a parents point of view probably not as enjoyable as it was for the children.
But they loved it! The staff there are fantastic and really do put on a show for the children, there are lots of demonstrations and excitement.
We walked to Carnaby Street and had dinner and then to Selfridges and looked at their Christmas windows, sadly they don't have a Grotto anymore. So this part of the tradition I will have to re-live elsewhere!
We had such a fabulous evening and the children are now well and truly ready for Christmas.
Do you have any traditions from your childhood that you want to carry on with your own children? Or perhaps you have some new traditions?


  1. Thank you so much for the photos of Regent Street! This was also a tradition for me and my Nan each year until she passed away. She used to take me to see Trafalgar Square and the tree. I took my daughter to Hamleys a couple of years ago and she was more interested in the Marmite shop! So thank you once again. Chel x

  2. Ahhh Chel aren't our childhood traditions just the loveliest of memories? I sooo want to create these memories for my own children as well.
    The Marmite shop somehow passed us by, I will have to look into it ;)
    Happy new year x

  3. Great photos! We did Hamleys this weekend for the same reason- reliving childhood memories, and it was sooo busy- I felt sure I would have nightmares about it! But the kids had a great time and I hope they'll remember it forever.....

  4. Ahhh i hope yours remember it as well Sam, Im sure they will! We managed to loose Bear on Oxford Street, not my finest hour, thank god Russ found him, we were all rather shaken up. X