Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Year is looming and I am truly terrible at New Year Resolutions, I always make them and never keep them.
I have read other blogs going for a New Year Feeling instead of a New Year Resolution. I like this mostly because I think it is more achievable! You aren't setting yourself up for a fall, and I am all up for that. So instead of writing a bullet point list of things you want to do in the year, you go for an over all  feeling instead.

I have lots of things I would like to achieve this year, but here are just a few.
I want to be braver, make more, craft more, put myself out there more, play more, be healthier.
So the feeling I am going for this year is ...

My husband will roll his eyes at the cheesiness of this. But I think positivity is something I need more of in my life and I am going for it in 2013.
What feeling you would like to achieve next year? Or do you have resolutions that you are going to go for?

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