Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ladybird Likes and other Stuff

As per usual I am long overdue an update, so hold onto your knickers, here we go …

First things first, Le Studio! My long suffering husband is building me a studio at the bottom of my garden. I am beyond excited, its going to be amazing, its also a looooong way from finished.
(note for husband: I AM NOT MOANING)
This means that in the meantime I am not working, all my 'stuff' is in boxes and I am having actual withdrawal from the sewing machine. Who knew that was actually possible?!
Of course we are now rapidly approaching summer holidays (its two weeks today in case anyone was wondering) so I am now considering leaving things as they are until September and re-launching Violet & Green then. This will mean that all 3 of my children will be in school and I will have the time needed to really go for it.
(Yes my youngest starts school in September, I am in total denial so will be mostly brushing over that little fact).

Here are some Studio pics so you can see progress so far …

This brings me nicely along to my next subject. On Sunday I travelled up to Islington to Smug, where I attended a talk by Ladybird Likes all about setting up and running a creative business.
I have to say it was really good, Zoe (the lady behind the business) covered so many topics and it really made me think about some of the things I really need to give some time to.
Not least of all, a business plan.
Do you have a business plan? Where did you start? I think I am going to hit google and see if I can get some clues. Its the businessy side of things that is not my strong point, which is obviously something I am going to have to work on.
Right, apparently you aren't supposed to make these blog posts too long, or people can't be arsed! So Im signing off for now and hoping you managed to hang in there until the end?!
Georgie X