Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello Everyone! Well here we are, another week has passed and its time for my offering of a little Nature in the Home. If you aren't aware of this blog get together, pop on over to Lou's lovely blog Little Green Shed and take a gander, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and also finding lots of lovely new blogs who are joining in.
This week I have some rather lovely daffs on my fireplace. I bought these on Sunday whilst doing my food shop, for the bargain price of 95p a bunch. I got two bunches as Im greedy, and to cheer me up when the cashier broke it to me how much that trolly of food just cost.
With Spring evading us for now and Winter holding fast I feel like I have a little bit of Spring in my front room.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My entire week last week consisted of crafting. The housework was neglected, the children neglected, and last but not least, the Nature in the Home series was neglected!
But I am back on the ball, I have spent the day spring cleaning. The downstairs of my house looks almost sparkly, the upstairs, well, it will have to wait for another day.
And now I am sitting down thinking about my blog. I have zero nature in my home at the moment, other that a couple of unattractive money plants. So my offering this week is going to be a 'I would like some of this nature in my home'!
On my Pinterest page I have an Indoor Greenery section, within this I have been developing an interest in terraniums! Ive never had one, but growing up my elderly next door neighbour had one. I can remember laying on the floor in her front room gazing into the jar unable to comprehend how she got all the plants etc in it. It fascinated me.
So here a few photos of terraniums that I really like the look of, I just need to find the time to be able to give one a go myself!

Aren't they lovely?! I like the clear distinction between the stones and the soil, it appeals to my orderly side. And I like the lid on the one above, Im sure Ive seen similar jars in TK Maxx, Im going to have to try and find one now.
You never know, perhaps in the not to distant future I will be able to show my very own terranium in the Nature in the home series!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

There is one word to sum up life here in Essex at the moment, snowy!! I know, I know, its March. But someone seems to of forgotten to tell the weather.
Needless to say the schools are shut, the roads are just sheets of ice and we are on a TV marathon.
Im not sure I have ever been more ready for some sun, the silver lining? The children are Over The Moon!!!

I am snowed under at the moment with work (see what I did there?!) I have a craft fair this Sunday so am working away making some pretty things. I have lots of decorative birds and hearts, owls, cards and brooches.
I also made these yesterday, I hope people like them! I thought I would just do three and see how they go down before going crazy and doing lots.

My aim is to get my Esty shop up and running after this craft fair, I will do a blog opening party when it happens!!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Lou at Little Green Shed has opened up her Nature In the Home series to the world. So we thought we would join in, we have always really enjoyed Lou's photos of plants and flowers, and although my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. We are rather excited to be taking part.
So, here is my first photo!
This is the view from my bed at the moment, these tulips are the left overs from last weeks flower orders. Im not sure that having left overs is great financially for my business, but it is definitely something that I enjoy. And flowers in the bedroom always feels luxurious to me! 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Oh my goodness, we've done it. We are in March! I think we all need a little pat on the back for getting through it.
Admittedly I did go to bed last night expecting the weather to 'know' that it was March today, and respond accordingly. But never mind, it can't be too far away now, surely?!
Every year I am always amazed at how looong this miserable part of the year goes on for. I am longing for some sun and my sunglasses. But mentally it all feels a lot closer, now that we are finally out of February.

I had a flower order to do today and the person ordering them asked for something 'Bright and Happy'. Oh Yes I thought, bright and happy we could all do with some more of, so here is what I made.
This to me is a little bit of summer in a vase. I hope that the lady I made them for likes them as much as I do.