Tuesday, 12 March 2013

There is one word to sum up life here in Essex at the moment, snowy!! I know, I know, its March. But someone seems to of forgotten to tell the weather.
Needless to say the schools are shut, the roads are just sheets of ice and we are on a TV marathon.
Im not sure I have ever been more ready for some sun, the silver lining? The children are Over The Moon!!!

I am snowed under at the moment with work (see what I did there?!) I have a craft fair this Sunday so am working away making some pretty things. I have lots of decorative birds and hearts, owls, cards and brooches.
I also made these yesterday, I hope people like them! I thought I would just do three and see how they go down before going crazy and doing lots.

My aim is to get my Esty shop up and running after this craft fair, I will do a blog opening party when it happens!!


  1. The teacup pincushions are lovely. Beautifully made. They should go to good homes.

  2. Can't wait for your Etsy shop opening! I hope the snow clears soon (my Mr Teenager has to go to London on a school trip and cuts through Essex - very anxious that the snow will still be there!). Take care. Chel x

    1. Did your MrTeenager have a good school trip? We ventured out mid morning and the roads were already really clear.
      Fingers crossed work will commence next week on the Etsy shop!