Friday, 1 March 2013

Oh my goodness, we've done it. We are in March! I think we all need a little pat on the back for getting through it.
Admittedly I did go to bed last night expecting the weather to 'know' that it was March today, and respond accordingly. But never mind, it can't be too far away now, surely?!
Every year I am always amazed at how looong this miserable part of the year goes on for. I am longing for some sun and my sunglasses. But mentally it all feels a lot closer, now that we are finally out of February.

I had a flower order to do today and the person ordering them asked for something 'Bright and Happy'. Oh Yes I thought, bright and happy we could all do with some more of, so here is what I made.
This to me is a little bit of summer in a vase. I hope that the lady I made them for likes them as much as I do.


  1. Beautiful ... definitely a very happy bouquet of blooms ... Bee xx

  2. Definitely summer on a vase- cheers me up just to look at them! Stunning!