Monday, 22 April 2013

When I first started with the idea of Violet&Green and the working from home plan, I figured it would be an 'easy' way for me to work and still look after my children. How wrong can you be?!
I had this ideal in my head of me beavering away whilst my children busied themselves with some toys or drawing.
Of course how you think things will be, and how they actually are, never quite add up do they?
The reality of me working from home is vastly different to how I thought it would be, its actually chaos.
And as I have accrued more and more 'stuff' it has slowly got harder to juggle everything.
I started off thinking I could cope with a desk in our bedroom and some savvy storage ideas. But the amount of material, frames, cushion covers, cards (you get the idea) I have, has grown considerably.
So I started sounding my husband out about other ideas. Ways to try to make this work for me.
We have toyed with the idea of doing a mini loft conversion, putting a bigger, better ladder in place and boarding out, lighting etc.
But the cost involved was more than I had thought it would be. And the budget, well, it isn't great.
So, now we are onto planB. The idea is to get a summer house from eBay, put it at the bottom of our garden, insulate it, run power to it, and make it into my very own little studio.
I am incredibly lucky to have a 'handy' husband who is very capable at this kind of thing!
I am now watching several summer houses on eBay, and slowly driving my husband insane about it.
Here are just a few pins from my Studio Space? Yes Please! board on Pinterest.


  1. Oh how lovely ... I love the second picture ... just gorgeous ... good luck with your new project ... Bee xx

    1. Thanks Bee, fingers crossed I actually manage to 'win' something on eBay!! xx

  2. For my stitching I've had a bench fitted all the way down the house side of our 'conservatory' it works well, plenty of space and the light is superb. I wish you well with your ebay searching.

    1. Naida that sounds fab! I wish we had some space in the house I could nab really, but we are full to the brim ;) Xx

  3. How exciting to have a summer house to create things and dream. Good luck with the search. Take care. Chel x

    1. Thankyou Chel! I am very impatient, lol, so am already getting a bit eBay crazy!! Xx