Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a nice Valentines Day yesterday?
MrViolet&Green and myself don't go mad over Valentines but I did get a rather nice card and some ribbons in the V&G colours, which was rather lovely.
I think we can safely say I have broken my own rule of posting once a week, glancing briefly at my last post it looks like it has been more like once in two weeks. I really must get on top of that!
In my defence it has been a busy couple of weeks. Firstly we had our craft fair and then we had Valentine flowers to make for people.
Those are my excuses and Im sticking to them.
I have a lot spinning around in my head at the moment, I am (still) mentally over hauling this blog. If you could do this by the power of thought, I would be pretty much finished by now. Unfortunately it would appear what I really need to do is dedicate a day to it. So Im not sure when that will happen at the moment.
I also have a lot of craft plans spinning around. I have lots of ideas for things I want to make and try, again, the power of thought is not really cutting it. And time is the deal breaker.
The last thing I have spinning around is my online shop. Now, this is something that I could do with some advice on.
I want to set up an online shop and link it to my Facebook page, and this blog. As I make things I can slowly upload them and hopefully people will like them enough to buy!
My quandry is this, what online service do I use?
My main choices are Etsy or Folksy. My concerns for Etsy, is that I have heard there are soooo many sellers on there now, its really hard to get your goods seen. My concerns for Folksy are that they want a fee for using the site, not just for what you sell. What if I don't sell anything?!
Do any of you use either of these sites and what are your feelings on them? Or do you have a recommendation for a site I haven't considered?
All feedback is gratefully received.
Apologies for a rambly post, this pretty much sums up my state of mind at the moment!
I have had a go at making Owls, here is my very first attempt ...


  1. What a lovely little owl ... Im not much help on the shop front ... although it is something I would like to do in the future ... as a customer I like etsy ... it is more user friendly ... Bee xx

    1. I have leaned towards Etsy, purely as its what I am more familiar with! Trying to find the courage to open it, such a big step!!
      Georgie X