Saturday, 12 January 2013

It's been an emotional week here. It was the small girls first week in Nursery. AKA the week I have been dreading :(
The small girl is three, and beyond ready for Nursery, if the truth be known I think she has been ready for awhile.
So why the dread? Me. Its all me. The small girl is my last bambino and I have been hanging onto her with a vice like grip, I have been choking up at the mere thought of dropping her at Nursery and coming home to an empty house, (The pets don't count I'm afraid).
I banned myself from thinking about it over Christmas, but finally it was upon us.
So with a heavy heart we set off. I was uber brave and settled her in, turned to leave and made it as far as the door before having a cry, which was quite impressive, I was concerned I may break down on the spot and she would have to be removed from me whilst I hung on to her ankles.
Yes I know, its supposed to be other way round.
Needless to say, she Loved it!! And if the truth be known, she didn't even want to leave (sob).
It is a new chapter in our lives and I know I will get used to it, and no doubt even come to relish it. But for now it just gives me a heavy heart.
I have good intentions about all the things I am going to do in the couple of hours I will have free. Mostly based around crafts and getting ready for our next craft fair, I'm sure in time I will feel more excited about it!
Did you all struggle with your babies moving on to the next stage? Or did you look forward to more time to yourself?


  1. Managed to hold the tears back until I got home. Mind you home was the next street.

    1. Well done on holding them back, even if it wasnt far ;)

  2. She sounds like a very confident little poppet. You've done well! No idea what I'll be like when I get to this stage in life.

    1. Ahhhh Thankyou MsGeorge! It is heart wrenching I can tell you, enjoy every moment you have with them, I cant believe how fast it goes X