Monday, 21 January 2013

Outside is a like a frozen wonderland, other than brief bursts of excitement from the children we have been huddling in the warm.
I should of been utilising my time constructively and crafting ready for the upcoming craft fair. Instead I have been time wasting on the internet and have made a rather lovely discovery. (So I feel this justifies it all).
I stumbled across a textile artist called Mister Finch, I don't want to be too gushy, but Im not sure I can hold it in.
He is rather amazing, inspiring and pant wettingly talented!!!! *and breathe*
It doesn't happen often, but just sometimes I find an artist whose work makes my stomach do a funny little dance and I can't quite catch my breath.
This happened when I saw Mister Finch's work, he ticks all the boxes for me, ALL.
Recycled materials, muted colour, textile heaven, I could just go on and on but really you just need to go see for yourself. So I have posted a couple of his photos to give you a little taste.
But if you do nothing else on your computer today, pop on over to his website and take a little gander.


  1. Amazing ... stomach doing a happy dance too ... off to have a proper look ... thanks for sharing ... Bee xx

    1. Bee Im so glad you like, he has work going into his Etsy shop tonight at 7.30, I imagine there will be an online riot, lol! But going to have a peek to check out prices! X

  2. Those hares are fabulous! (rabbits??) I just want to pick them up and take them home.

    1. You and me both!! I don't think there is anything in his portfolio that I would not LOVE in my house. I am utterly smitten X