Friday, 18 January 2013

This is my sewing machine, her name is Ethel. She is a lovely old lady, in good condition and ready to go. There is one hitch. I can't figure out how she works!
She has been in my loft for (many, many) years due to this minor issue. But with my plans for my business starting to come together, I thought it time she was brought back down and for me to learn once and for all, how to use her.
So now she is sitting on my lounge floor, and I am sitting in front of her with my legs crossed. And we are looking at each other, wondering how this is going to pan out.
Thank goodness for the power of Facebook. A rather fabulous friend of mine saw my plight (a rather pathetic status update) and has volunteered to come over and give me a crash course.
I thought for a moment I actually saw Ethel breathe a small sigh of relief!
So this is it, Ethel is coming out of retirement and I am learning a new skill.
Wish us luck.


  1. Hi Georgie ... how lovely ... I would love a machine like yours ... I have a new Singer but it's not nearly as pretty ... good luck with the lessons ... I would love some too ... I just wing it ... wishing you a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

    1. Thankyou Bee! She is rather pretty, I am just hoping we can 'get on', lol! Hoping once I have got my head around how to thread her up, it will all fall into place!
      Have a lovely weekend X