Friday, 30 November 2012

Blogs everywhere are already on the Christmas trip, but I have to admit it, I'm not feeling festive yet.
I am always a bit late of the mark for the festive excitement, I tend to do my whole Christmas shop two days before the big day, if not on Christmas Eve itself. And only then do I tend to feel excited.
I appreciate this probably makes me sound a bit, well,  Grinchy. And I would just like to defend myself and say that I am far from a Grinch! I do really love Christmas, I love how excited the children are and our little family traditions. Decorating the tree, fabulous films on the television. I won't go on, you get it.

So this year I am trying to break my own tradition, I am being organised and trying to get into the swing of it a bit earlier this year. I've even bought a few pressies already.
And I have also put myself up to do a couple of online activities to help me along the festive path, the first one being Share Advent, which is the brainchild of Skin and Blister.
It's a way for us all to share our different ideas, crafts and traditions in the form of an advent calendar.
I am going to do my best to join in and hopefully feel a little more festive a little earlier.
If you like the sound of joining in, or just having a nose pop here. You can do as much or as little as you'd like and take a peek at what everyone else is doing.
Below is Skin and blisters image and a list of some of the ideas for the advent, but she explains it much better on her own blog here.

Whilst I am on a bit of a roll of trying to feel festive, I am also going to have a shot at this, it is a December photo project. You need to take one photo a day for the whole of December. Which is pretty self explanatory.
As you can all see for your own eyes, I am no photographer! But I figure it's more about taking part than winning any prizes. Although I do have the sneaking feeling that there are going to be some seriously good pics being entered.
If you like the look of this as well, get yourself over there and sign up.
What with getting everyones Christmas wreath orders made, the Christmas shopping and everything else that this time of year brings.
I am going to be pretty busy, and hopefully feeling festive!

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