Friday, 2 November 2012

So that's another Halloween finished!
Did you have fun?
We had a great time, we really embrace the Halloween celebrations in our house. I am just a bit gutted that it wasn't such a big thing when I was small.
We carved some pumpkins, made some ghosts to hang outside of our house, dressed up, handed out a tonne of sweets and the children went trick or treating.
The only down point of the whole thing is the amount of sweets we now have in the house, and how to manage that.
At the crack of dawn the children are asking to have sweets from their bounty, before there is a sharp intake of breath, I do say, No!

The children made these ghosts and we hung then out the front of our house, I sometimes forget that its the simple things that can bring the greatest pleasure.
We cut up an old sheet that had seen better days, screwed up some kitchen towel for the head and tied with some wool I found, then they drew faces on them with a marker pen.
It was so simple and didn't cost anything, wasn't crazy messy, but, the children Loved it! They are already talking about doing more next year.

The pumpkin carving is always a hit, although the best bit is always putting the tea light inside and putting them outside for the world to see.

Hope you like our Black and White moody theme for our pics, we will return to normal colour for our next post.