Thursday, 22 November 2012

Life has just been totally crazy for the last week.  I am neglecting Everything, even my children are not getting the best of me at the moment!
The reason?
Well, last weekend, myself and two of my friends had the crazy idea of putting ourselves in for a craft fair.
This coming Saturday.
At the time it sounded like a good idea, I was swept away by the excitement of it, the conversations going along the lines of, 'we could totally do it'.
A few days in, and I am thinking we may well be a bit mad.
Every day I have been sat on the floor in my front room, crafting.
In fact, I have just taken a break for 10 minutes to write this and post a photo, so you can get the jist of the craziness.
I did take a (very) brief moment to consider posting a really lovely, pretty photo of all my goods laid out beautifully with some nicely placed ribbon.
But it wouldn't of been very honest.
Instead I am posting a photo of the reality, of where I have been sitting with dead legs, with moaning children, glueing, sticking, sewing and silently swearing. And if I am going to be really brutally honest, this isn't even it at it's worst.

And yes, that is a glass of red in there on the right. As I am on an honesty trip, I should probably also add that my wine intake has increased this week.
I am hoping that once Saturday is over, normality will return. The clothes washing will get done and the hoover will leave the cupboard.
Is it like this for everyone? Or are you seasoned crafters more organised, less messy, perhaps just more able to 'do it all'?!
I have to admit that even though it has been hard (and I am far from ready) I have rather enjoyed making on a larger scale than normal, having a deadline.
And am hoping that this is the start of something exciting.
I will be back once it is all over with an update, and of-course after I've shown the hoover the light of day.

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