Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We have been rather lucky over the last couple of weeks.
Our first little bit of luck was a competition win, sadly not of the lottery variety but exciting none the less.
But I should probably start at the beginning ...
There is a rather lovely blog we follow called Little Tree Designs which is by a rather talented pattern designer called Rebecca.
She was running a competition to win a vintage garland, now, I am a sucker for A. a garland and B. anything vintage. So I entered and kept everything crossed, luck was on my side and I won!
Over the moon does not cover it.
I received the garland in the post a little while ago and thought it high time to blog about it.
I really wanted to post a picture of the garland in situ, but am not putting it up until I have finished decorating so you will have to suffice with a photo from Little Tree Designs.

Isn't it fabulous??!!!!
A very big thankyou to Rebecca! And if you have a spare five minutes do pop over to her blog and have a look at her designs, she really is very clever.

Now, our second piece of good luck was also a competition, (can you see a theme here), over Halloween there was a pumpkin competition being run by Sorbet Designs. Sadly this time we did not win, but we came a very respectable third. And with that came a spot prize of vouchers for printing goodies.
We keep popping into the Sorbet Designs website looking at their offers and deciding what to spend our vouchers on, at the moment we are swaying towards some business stickers.
What would you spend them on?


  1. Ooh it looks fab Georgie, thank you so so much for all your kind words! Sorry I didnt stop by earlier its been a bit manic here today! I will tweet etc tomorrow!x

    1. Ahhhh thankyou for popping in to have a look, I really am over the moon with the garland! X

  2. It is absolutely fabulous and totally gorgeous - well done you.

    Nina x

  3. Yay well done on winning the garland, its lovely. :)